In order to meet the market’s needs MECFOND more than introducing itself as business partner specialized in the design and construction of custom tailored presses,has implemented a business line dedicated to the research for new technological proposals and the reconditioning of traditional machines.
NEW PRESSES UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  The challenges imposed by the current globalization and the need to react quickly motivate the investment decisions by Mecfond Group towards  immediate, innovative and flexible solutions of prompt delivery, without neglecting the possibility of customization. Currently there are under work presses for the stamping and the deep drawing of metal sheet ranging from 600 up to 2100 Tons even equipped with servo type applications. Mecfond Group S.p.A, availing itself of a highly qualified staff keeper of a consolidated know how  of the historical company product, is able to perform a mechanical and plant overhaul of its own presses already operating at customers’ site, also taking care of the certification in accordance with the current machine regulations.

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